Having many different tools and media at my disposal has no doubt allowed for different influences in my projects. From print to time-based to interactive projects, I enjoy implanting humor at the core of the concept. With this in mind, during projects I generally set goals, for example: complete these five pages in your book, then take a break. This single handedly has saved me from many mistakes of over grinding on design. If I hit a good spot on the project where I really enjoy the content, specifically a humorous thought or idea, I know I’ll stick to the project or task until completion.

At this point you might assume I am only in it for the jokes, and well that’s not the truth at all, it’s just happens to be a major motivator when it comes to the imagination I can express while creating projects. If I’m able to express myself how I wish to, I will make a project that not only makes the viewer interested, but also possibly crack a smile at the humor that is tossed into projects every now and then.  

Hey! My name is Kit Rodewald (some call me Robert) and this is my website for my portfolio!




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